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5 Benefits of Booking Vehicle Hire Early

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

There are many reasons why people hire a vehicle, be it for moving home, travelling back and forth to university, holidays, romantic getaways or shifting goods. Whatever your intention, Whitgift are here to provide you with friendly, honest advice to ensure you get the best deal, the car you desire and all the extras you … Continue reading

Car Hire Checklist: Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Car

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

Don’t sweat about hiring a car – make it a stress-free process by following our simple car hire checklist. Car Hire Checklist Be prepared to ensure your transaction is as straightforward as it can be. Whether you need a bigger car for travelling at home or outside the UK, there are several things you should … Continue reading

How to Change Your Driving Habits

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

This month with Whitgift Hire, we would like to explain how you can save money by changing your driving habits. A lot of the time we hop into our vehicles to get to places quickly for our own convenience, so it’s easy to forget to do simple checks. Habits form swiftly because life moves so … Continue reading

Highway Code for LCV Drivers

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

Although you may know the rules of the road for driving a car, the Highway Code differs slightly for those driving a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV). In this month’s article, we’ll be looking at just some of the most pertinent aspects of the Highway Code for LCV drivers. Driving Licence and Vehicle Size The type … Continue reading

Top Winter Driving Tips UK

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

The winter solstice may well be behind us now – the days have started getting longer again, so summer has officially started crawling back! – but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the chilly clutches of winter just yet. Winter Driving Tips UK The worst of the winter weather is yet to come, with frost, … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Hire a Vehicle at Christmas

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

That time of the year is upon us yet again; Christmas, with all its festive highlights, is here. Those highlights range wildly from the great, namely in the form of a cracking dinner and awesome presents, to the downright horrid, as anyone who’s been caught in the manic Christmas shopping crowds will attest!   However, … Continue reading

Different Van Types Explained

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

  No matter what work you need carried out, there’ll be a van for the job. There are a multitude of vans out there, all with their own characteristics and benefits. But if you’ve never owned a van, you may not know what type of van is right for the jobs you need it for. … Continue reading

Vehicle Rental: Top Tips Recommended by the BVRLA

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

  When renting a vehicle, you’ll need to know that you’re renting from a place that can be relied upon to provide vehicles of impeccable quality. The alternative is to find your experience irreversibly marred by a faulty vehicle that could see you miss appointments, stranded or worse. To avoid such situations, the BVRLA (British … Continue reading

Van Weight Limits Explained

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

Hiring a van can be a lot different to hiring a car in one key regard: weight limits. You may not realise it off the cusp, but it is absolutely essential that you appropriately load the vehicle. Loading it in a dangerous fashion can cause some serious upset, and in this month’s article we’ll be … Continue reading

Top Tips for Hiring a Van When Moving Home or Office

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

Moving home or office can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. By keeping on top of everything and using the services out there efficiently, your move can go off without a hitch. This month, we’ll be letting you in on our top tips for hiring a van when moving home or … Continue reading