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Vehicle Rental: Top Tips Recommended by the BVRLA

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team


When renting a vehicle, you’ll need to know that you’re renting from a place that can be relied upon to provide vehicles of impeccable quality. The alternative is to find your experience irreversibly marred by a faulty vehicle that could see you miss appointments, stranded or worse. To avoid such situations, the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) has laid out a list of guidelines that you can follow to find the perfect vehicle hire firm in your area, as well as how to go about ensuring your experience with them is an exceptional one. Here, we list just some of those guidelines.

Use a BVRLA Affiliated Member

If you see the BVRLA logo when you go on the website of your local vehicle hire firm, then you can rest assured that they are safe to rent from. They will be quality assured and will abide by a strict code of conduct. If a dispute were to arise, you could then also use the BVRLA’s conciliatory service to settle the matter.

Research Diligently

If you’re using price comparison sites, it can be easy to take the price you’re provided with as a given and move from there. However, doing so may be unwise. Price comparison sites may only look at the cheapest options, not the one that you require. Take care and be sure to talk directly to your local vehicle hire firm to find out the best deals.

Review the Rental Agreement

Make sure you aren’t in for any surprises by reading over the paperwork when you rent a vehicle. If you don’t understand anything or don’t like the sound of a detail, talk to your agent at the rental company. To get the most out of your time with your rental vehicle, you need to be aware and agree to all the terms in the agreement. Abiding by the terms and conditions laid out in will ensure you don’t end up paying any unnecessary fines.

Know How You’re Covered

In the unfortunate event of your being in an accident, you’ll need to know how you’re covered while driving the rental. Knowing the difference between excess waivers offered by rental companies and the policies sold by third-party excess-reimbursement insurers can be essential – be sure you’re well versed on this.

Book Wisely and Make a Record of It

Discuss your requirements with your rental agent – their profession is to find the right rental solutions for your requirements, so let them help! Then make a record of what you’ve booked to ensure you can quickly and efficiently pick up and drop off the vehicle later. Remember to check the vehicle over before you drive away from the rental garage, too. If the vehicle is damaged and nobody has managed to note it before, you could end up paying a fine for the damage on return.

On Return, Check Your Vehicle Over

Avoid simply dropping off your vehicle at the end of the rental term and leaving without a second thought. You’ll need to look over the vehicle with a rental agent present to ensure that everything checks out. If you have had any problems with the vehicle, be sure to let your agent know.

Following these few guidelines is an easy way to ensure that when you hire a vehicle, you’re in for a stress-free, enjoyable experience. And with Whitgift Hire, you can rest assured that that kind of quality service is just what you’ll receive.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Whitgift Hire are second to none when it comes to van, car, and lorry hire throughout London and the South East of England. We have a fleet of over 400 well-maintained vehicles available for hire that cater to any requirement you may have across commercial and domestic fields.

We are fully certified and accredited and offer a comprehensive breakdown cover for hires to ensure that when you hire from us you’re always in the safest hands. To discuss hiring a vehicle from Whitgift Hire, contact our friendly team today!

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