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Google self-driving car vs Vehicle Hire

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

The world around us is constantly changing, often at an increasingly rapid pace. One aspect of our lives which we could soon see change is the introduction of self-driving cars; most notably highlighted by Google’s efforts to push the technology forward. While the tests are still ongoing and with any potential roll-out likely to take a while to seep into our normal lives, there are already concerns about self-driving cars.

This article will attempt to look at what the pitfalls of self-driving vehicles are against the familiarity of simply hiring a vehicle when you need a reliable van for transportation.



The ‘Cost’ Argument

First and foremost you have to look at the cost. While the idea of a self-driving vehicle might be nice it seems unlikely that many people will be able to afford such technology and engineering. As things stand, the technology and sensors are likely to cost more than £60,000, pricing most people out of the equation. Meanwhile, a hiring a van or a car is a far cheaper option if you need to travel and you’ll be doing so under your volition.



The ‘All or None’ Argument

One thing which could see the driverless vehicle fail is the lack of people taking the technology on. The advantages of such vehicles lie in their ability to interact on a grid and avoid accidents by removing human error, but if not everyone uses them then accidents are just as likely to happen – perhaps even more so if people driving regular vehicles have to try and second guess a computer.



The ‘Reliability’ Argument

Self-driving, automated vehicles seem like the future and we can all envisage a world in which our roads become uniform and safe. But what if it isn’t as safe as we think? It’s already been revealed that self-driving vehicles may have the potential to be hacked, and what if the technology itself encounters a glitch or an error? It may only take one glitch to bring a whole system down and we’d be back at square one.



The ‘Loss of Business’ Argument

Our idyllic future-roads seem to only be around the corner, but what does it mean for businesses which currently rely on things as they are? The vehicles which we drive ourselves are big business for insurers, driving instructors, manufacturers, repair shops and the automobile industry as a whole. With a driverless vehicles many businesses will crumble, people will lose their jobs and a huge part of the global economy could collapse.



The ‘Privacy Invasion’ Argument

With Google behind the biggest push of this technology, as well as their attempts to map every road on the planet, there are concerns that we may be giving control over to the tech giant. Not only could Google track your movement, they could also use their driverless transport to target advertisements at you as you travel. Whether any of these privacy issues ever get highlighted is something which remains to be seen, but there are definite question marks for those who see Google as a company which encroaches on personal privacy.


With a hired van you can reduce the risk the technology pitfalls, the expense, the risk of self-driving collisions and any invasion of your privacy. Simply choose the van which best suits your needs and how long your require it for.

If you’re interested in vehicle hire then simply contact the team at Whitgift Hire today and we’ll find the right van or car for your needs.

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