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How to Load a Removal Van Correctly when Moving House

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

It’s no secret: moving house can be an incredibly stressful time, one fraught with tricky logistics and stretched budgets. However one way to make the process a lot easier and simpler is to ensure that you are properly prepared for the loading and unloading of the removals van. From efficient stacking, to health and safety considerations, here’s a handy guide to help you along…



There are no two ways about it: planning is crucial.


Work out exactly how much stuff you need to move, and book an appropriately sized vehicle for your needs. Many vehicle hire businesses will be able to advise you based on your requirements, and some removals companies will provide professional movers to help, but if you’re going alone, then consider a medium sized van hire, such as a Luton van. Sometimes hiring a vehicle slightly smaller than your load and making multiple trips can be the cost-effective way, so consider this option if you have the time and aren’t moving too far away. Whichever vehicle you choose, check that there is sufficient space outside your home or business for parking and loading.

Set aside sufficient time for packing. Correctly labelling your boxes will save you more time and hassle than you realise, allowing you to ensure that every item ends up in the right room at the other end – not to mention helping you find the kettle for that all important moving day cup of tea! Give yourself enough time before hand to properly wrap all glassware and delicate items in bubble wrap or newspaper to make sure they stay safe in transit.

Extra tip: When dismantling furniture, make sure that all screws and fittings are kept together and with the item they belong to. Maybe attach a bag with all loose attachments to the furniture itself.


Equipment check:

As with any job, making sure you have the right equipment for the work at hand is a must. Getting hold of trolleys, dolly trucks, blankets and boxes with sufficient strength for your needs is vital to a successful moving day. As well as the correct equipment, make sure you have the right amount of people necessary to move all of you belongings. Don’t overload yourself – it may be cheaper, but trying to carry a piano on your own isn’t a sensible move!


Loading the van:


Don’t just chuck your boxes in the van and cram everything else on top; plan the position of each item like a jigsaw. Heavier pieces, such as wardrobes and sofas, should be placed against the front internal wall of the van and be properly secured with ropes or straps.

Place larger, sturdier items on the bottom layer, with more fragile things on top, and use smaller bits and rugs to plug holes and fill gaps. Blankets and sheets are useful for protecting furniture, and long glass materials like mirrors will fit nicely between mattresses and cushions. Finally, make sure everything is properly secured before driving off!


Health and Safety:

The most important thing to remember in any heavy lifting scenario is to ensure that you keep your back straight when loading and unloading, using your legs to lift and being careful not to twist whilst bent over.

Dehydration can also become an issue when performing lots of heavy lifting, so plenty of water for you and your helpers is essential.

Finally, when you’re ready to leave, drive slowly! Remember; not only are you carrying potentially delicate materials, but the vehicle will be much heavier than what you may be used to – not to mention the fact that speed limits for vans on dual carriageways are lower! Similarly, make sure you always have someone with you to guide you while reversing, as visibility could be affected.


Whitgift Hire:

luton van hire

Here at Whitgift, we have great deals on a range of van hires for all your self-move needs; from Luton vans to larger tippers and trucks.

With over 30 years in the industry, we have built a reputation for personal and reliable service, and have a fleet of over 400 new, clean vehicles for you to choose from. All of our hires are fully accredited by both the BVRLA and with full ISO 9001 certification, assuring quality across the board.

So whether you’re moving a single room or a whole house, call on the experts at Whitgift Hire for the van rental deal most suited to your needs.

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