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Top 10 Long Journey Driving Tips

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

Whether you’re taking a van or a car, long journeys can be a real drain if you aren’t prepared for them. There is always a purpose behind taking a long journey, whether for business or pleasure, but ensuring you’re safe and comfortable is the most important thing. Take a look at our top 10 tips for driving on a long journey – regardless of whether you hire a car or a van.




1 – Plan and Check Your Route

Going on a long journey can be exciting and it can be easy to forget the most important part: planning the route. There are usually several routes for you to choose from, so it pays to familiarise yourself with them so you know the major twists and turns.



2 – Pack Food & Drink

Staying satiated and hydrated while you drive is key to your concentration. You may not get many chances to stop, but at least ensure you have something to keep you going – even if it’s only for an emergency.




3 – Know The Signs & The Law

If your long journey takes you abroad, you should be familiar with the law and the kind of road signs you will come across. Don’t just assume you’ll know as you might land yourself in trouble.


4 – Go Without Your Mobile

Mobile phones dominate our lives, but you should keep yours tucked away while you drive. If you really think you’ll need to make a call then ensure you have your hands-free kit set up. There is nothing more dangerous than using your phone at the wheel, regardless of the length of the journey.

5 – Wear Comfy Shoes

If your regular trainers or shoes are comfortable and safe to drive in then great, but if not, you’ll want to pack something comfortable. You’ll be at the wheel and on the pedals a lot, so make your life easier by wearing appropriate footwear.


6 – Adjust Your Seat & Mirrors

Sitting comfortably? If not, you need to adjust your seat and mirrors. Getting the position of your seat from the pedals and wheel is important, as is the way you position your back. Don’t forget that once you’ve moved your seat you might also need to adjust your mirrors to match.

7 – Check The Forecast

While the weather may not put you off making your journey – unless it’s advised in extreme circumstances – you should still pay attention to the weather where you’re travelling. This will help prevent you from getting caught unawares by any flash rainstorms or gales while out on the road.

8 – Take Regular Breaks

Tempting though it may be to plough through your journey, our eyes and minds can only take so much. You only need a 10 minute stop for some fresh air, bathroom break, food or all of the above to reenergise yourself.

9 – Fill Up On Fuel

While most motorways have a petrol station dotted every 20-30 miles, you’re better off filling up before your long journey and stopping for petrol when you need it again. The fewer fuel stops you make the better – unless you tie them in with your regular refreshment breaks!

10 – Get To Know Your Vehicle

It’s likely you’ll be spending a fair few hours in your hired van or car, so ensure you check your vehicle over and get to grips with all its features. Can you easily use the wipers and wiper fluid? Where are the lights? Will you be using the radio/CD player? Once acquainted with these things you’ll avoid taking away your concentration from the road once you’ve set off.


Here at Whitgift Hire we provide car and van hire for a variety of purposes. Whether you need to make a short journey, or you’re planning a long one, simply contact us today and we’ll help find the right vehicle for your requirements.

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