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Top 5 Reasons you should Consider Vehicle Hire for the Summer Holidays

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

At this time of year, many begin thinking of summer holidays. If yours might involve driving, whether in the UK or abroad, have you considered hiring a vehicle? There may be many more advantages than you think…


1. Space is a Premium

No matter what size car you own, packing your vehicle for a holiday is not like packing your vehicle for a day out. Mum, Dad, two kids and the family dog packed into a hatchback does not make for a pleasant five or six hours drive to your destination – especially when surrounded by four or five suitcases.

With luggage space at a premium in many of today’s modern cars, hiring an estate-car, a larger saloon with spacious boot or a small van, will provide for a much more relaxed, less stressful, journey. After all, even the travelling is part of your holiday, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible?


2. Nothing Tests a Vehicle Like a Long Drive

Whether your vehicle is 18 months or five years old, those long drives are always a testing time. 30 minute drives back and forth to work or 10 minute trips to the shops don’t cut it when it comes to testing vehicle reliability. Especially when loaded to the max, and you end up in a stop-start situation because of two miles of road-works. Watching the temperature gauge creeping up isn’t conducive to relaxed driving.

Hire vehicles are generally new, sometimes less than 18 months old. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, many hire companies, such as Whitgift, provide breakdown assistance and 24-hour national service support. If it can’t be fixed, a replacement vehicle is provided so you can continue your journey as quickly as possible.


3. Camping Holidays

Heading off to the countryside for a camping holiday? The big worry is how to get the tent and all equipment into that small boot. With the option of van hire, you have a large selection of small to medium vans ideal for camping use. Tent, cases, and anything else can be easily packed into the back, and you still have a comfortable, roomy cab to enjoy while driving from site to site.


4. Take the Stress Out of Touring Abroad

Many of the larger vehicle hire companies are European, and worldwide. If you intend touring different areas of Europe this year, hiring a car is definitely the way to go. For most of us the biggest stress is: will the car break down? No longer, you will be given details of all their contact and emergency numbers in the areas you intend to cover, and most speak English.


5. Day-tripping on the Continent

If you prefer to fly to your destination, and day-trip from there, hire your vehicle before you leave. Many tour operators work with international vehicle hire companies. Hiring when you book your holiday, will ensure your car is at the airport, or delivered to your hotel for when you arrive. As a bonus, many companies also offer substantial discounts when booking your car online.


Holidays are supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing occasions. Get rid of the stress of worrying about your car this year, and consider the benefits of hiring. Whitgift Hire have a wide range of car and van hire options, and have branches close to Gatwick Airport for those visiting from abroad.

Browse the site or get in touch today to find out more.


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