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Top tips for driving with a sat nav

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

No matter where you’re driving, if you’re unsure of the route you’ll probably want the assistance of a sat nav. Driving a hire vehicle usually involves navigating your way to locations you’ve never been before – whether for work purposes or when moving house – making it even more important to get help. You can waste precious time getting lost, working yourself into a frenzy, so why not pick up a sat nav and take a look at some of our top tips for driving with one.

Don’t Block Your View

People are often tempted to stick their sat nav right onto the windshield in front of them, but you need to think more carefully than this. The plunger used to stick a sat nav to a window means it can be placed strategically. Try having it off to the side and low down – essentially, anywhere it won’t be in your line of sight to the road and other hazards. Some people don’t even bother sticking it up, they simply slot it on the dashboard.

Keep the Volume Up

Peripheral noise on the road, especially on quicker roads, means you might not always be able to hear the sat nav, so it’s better for it to be a touch too loud than to be too quiet. If you can’t hear your sat nav you’ll probably be tempted to look at the screen itself but this can be very dangerous, distracting you from the road.

Beware of the Settings

Some sat navs have more vehicle specific settings than others. If your sat nav is designed for a car, it may not register the new dimensions of a larger vehicle. If there isn’t an option to select the correct vehicle type, ensure your journey isn’t necessarily just the shortest distance, as this may take you down routes where you cannot pass if you are in a van.

Road Signs Are Key

We all know how much easier life is with a good sat nav. It removes almost all the stress of planning the best route and of getting lost, but you still need to keep your wits about you. Road signs are in place to tell you about the road and any immediate or approaching dangers; this doesn’t stop being true just because you have a sat nav on. Pay attention to the road signs as carefully as you listen to the sat nav – you may find you can’t take the route the sat nav advises, or, that the layout may have changed if you haven’t updated your sat nav.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

When you park your vehicle, or if you’re planning on leaving it for any period of time, don’t leave your sat nav in the window as this is just an advert for thieves. By keeping valuables out of sight, you lower the risk of having your van broken into – this is because a thief may not want to risk breaking in if they think there is nothing to be stolen.


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