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Top Tips for Hiring a Car in London

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

Have you considered hiring a car in London? If you don’t enjoy being tied down by public transport or taxis on a holiday, hiring a car is the ideal solution to all your problems.

hiring a car in london

Hiring a Car in London

For one, it gives you the freedom to explore the city on your terms. Additionally, it also allows you to travel to tourist destinations situated in the suburbs of the city.

Things to consider when hiring a car in London:

car hire

1. Carry important documents

Make sure that you have your driver’s license, credit card and passport when you walk into a car hire company. If you are travelling to the city from abroad, you might also need a document issued by the concerned authorities in your country that permits you to drive in a foreign country.

2. Decide on a car

Depending on the number of people travelling to London, make a decision about the kind of car you want. If it is possible, opt for a smaller car, since it uses less fuel and is easy to park within the city premises. Parking won’t be easy in London; at times, you might have to spend a good half hour looking for a spot. To make matters worse, it won’t be cheap either.

3. Compare prices

Thanks to the internet, you can compare car rental prices before you actually arrive in London. Visit the websites of rental companies and look for the most affordable deals. Check if the prices include variables like insurance premium, fuel surcharge etc.

4. Look out for insurance premium costs

In most cases, car rental prices are not inclusive of insurance premiums, which can range from anywhere between £2-£10 per day. The figure increases considerably if multiple drivers plan to drive a rented car. If you keep an eye on car rental deals offered by different companies, you might just land one with surprisingly low premiums.

5. Check the fuel

More often than not, car hire companies will try to lure you into renting a car with a full tank. It’s always a good idea to reject this offer and take a car with a virtually empty tank. By doing so, you can get fuel according to your requirements. Additionally, opt for a deal with unlimited mileage, especially if you plan to take the car to nearby tourist destinations. Even if your car comes with a mileage rider, try and look for one with low surcharge costs.

6. Check the car

Now that all the variables have been taken care of, the final step involves checking the car itself. Take a small test drive to ensure that it runs smoothly. At the same time, check the external surface for any visible dents or scratches and notify the company about these. This is the best way to avoid a scenario wherein a company charges you for damage even when you weren’t responsible for causing it.

Where to hire a car in London?

Whitgift Hire have been established for over 30 years, offering services throughout London and the South East of England. We offer a competitive cost of hiring a car in London. Providing an honest and professional service, keeping well-maintained vehicles to ensure each and every customer is supplied with only the best.

Whatever your budget and needs we have something to suit you when hiring a car in London.  For more information please contact us today!

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