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Top Tips for Minibus Hire in London

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

minibus hire

London can be a great place to travel around by minibus, ensuring that you can get from attraction to attraction in as short a time as possible and taking away the strain of using busy public transport. Generally classed as a vehicle with between 8 and 16 seats, a minibus can also be a great hire option for those looking to transport a number of people to and from various events, such as sports teams or day trippers.

There are a number of considerations you should make when hiring a minibus, however, here are a few bits of advice to get you started…

Driving Considerations

Remember that minibuses require an alternative driving approach to that which you may be used to in a car. Practicing in the car park when collecting your hire vehicle could be a good way to get used to the differences. Remember: London’s roads are busy and often hazardous – being comfortable in the vehicle you’re driving, as well as having a clear idea of your route, is important.

–    Braking distances are much greater in minibuses, so leaving extra space between you and the vehicle in front is always advisable.

–    A wider turning circle means corners must be taken with caution – slow down and allow plenty of room.

–    External mirrors should be utilised fully when performing manoeuvres, especially when reversing.

–    The larger dimensions of your rented minibus may also present a hazard. Be wary of any low-hanging bridges or trees, as well as protruding road signs.

–    Be aware that for minibuses no more than 12 metres in overall length, the speed limit on single and dual carriageways is 10mph less than for cars (50mph and 60mph respectively).

Documentation and Other Requirements

As with car hires, you will need certain documentation when hiring a minibus (driver’s licence; a credit card to cover deposits; often a utility bill or similar to prove address). However, minibus rental also necessitates further certification.

–    If you have a driving licence from before 1997, you are able to drive a minibus with a maximum of 17 seats.

–    Licences from after this time allow for 16 seat minibuses to be driven by anyone who has held a full licence for over 2 years, is above the age of 21, and doesn’t plan to use the vehicle for any form of commercial enterprise.

–    Many hire companies will also require a category D1 addition to driver’s licences for the hire of 12-16 seat minibuses.

Whitgift Hire have a fleet of 8 to 16 minibuses available for hire, all with unlimited mileage and at prices to suit any budget. As members of the BVRLA, you can be sure of quality service that adheres to all industry standards and regulations, and our facilities are open 7 days a week for your collection and drop off convenience!

Get in touch with Whitgift today for a free quote for your minibus hire in London.

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