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Van Hire: How to Pack a Van Correctly When Moving House

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team


A van hire service is perhaps one of the most useful amenities to take advantage of when moving house. While a van will undoubtedly allow for the safe delivery of household items, there are still a few basic factors to keep in mind when packing a vehicle, along with what steps should be taken in order to guarantee that the move is completed as quickly and easily as possible. Here are a few tips to get you started…


A few preliminary items will be needed: A dolly to transport heavier objects is a real bonus, while packaging tape will help to secure any boxes that are present. Also, padding material such as bubble wrap and a few old blankets are ideal to cover valuables while they are in transport.

Largest Heaviest Items

It is always important to pack the heaviest and largest items first, such as large furniture pieces. These will be placed at the far end of the van (closest to the cab), providing the vehicle with balance and allowing other items to subsequently be placed inside. For delicate furniture and appliances, the padding and carpets mentioned above should be used as covers to protect against accidental bumps or scratches.

Longer Objects

Next, items such as bed frames, mattresses and tables should be packed. These will be placed against the opposite walls of the van. The theory is that other boxes in between will keep them firmly in place during transport. If possible, it is best to disassemble as many of these items as possible – this will save even more space and allow you to store them in an upright position. Once again, proper padding and protection is important to help avoid any damage. Ropes can be used to tie any objects to the interior wall of the vehicle.


The heaviest boxes should now be packed first, and they will be placed at the far end of the interior (next to the heaviest items). Then, the lighter boxes will be loaded. Make certain that the heaviest boxes are always placed on the bottom of the pile. This will provide stability and avoid the danger of sensitive objects underneath being crushed. Try to minimise any spaces between the boxes, as this will increase the chances that they will shift while being driven from location to location. If there are any spaces, filling them with linens, bedding and even clothing items will help to eliminate the chances of movement.

Fragile Goods

Finally, fragile items should be placed in the van last. They should be secured between the upper boxes and in other areas that will prevent their movement. Alongside breakable items, any additional holes can be filled with bags of clothes, toys and anything that is not considered physically sensitive. Remaining space above the boxes can be used to store garage items, ironing boards, picture frames and other excess materials.

It may seem like there is a real “art” in correctly packing a transport vehicle, but simply following these common sense steps will ensure that your items remain safe and secure during transit.

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