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Van Hire: 5 Things To Know

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

There are a whole host of reasons you might want to hire a van, from personal usage to transport furniture in a home move, or for professional use to carry out work elsewhere and transport your tools or machinery.
If you’ve used van hire services before you’ll know what to expect for the most part, but regardless of whether you have hired a van before or not, it’s always good to familiarise yourself with the following things:

1. Have Your Documents In Order

It can seem like such a simple thing, but your documents are important. Check ahead to see what the hire company requires of you, and likewise, check what you can expect to get from them. If you need any extras as part of your hire package, you should make sure they are agreed ahead of time to avoid unnecessary delays on the day.

2. Choosing Your Vehicle

Picking a vehicle isn’t as easy as pointing to the one you like the look of, it has to suit your purposes. Keep in mind how large or heavy your items might be and compare these to the dimensions provided. This will prevent any complications before you’ve eventually set off.

3. Check The Vehicle Over

The van you hire should be checked over before you take it away with you. A visual inspection can help you to spot any instances of damage which haven’t been listed and can help ensure you feel it’s in a driveable condition. Getting a good look at the vehicle can also help if you’ve never driven a light commercial vehicle before – the more familiar you are with what you’re driving, the safer you’ll be out on the roads.

4. Test Drive Your Van

To ensure you can handle the vehicle, and to also check there are no defects with the way it drives, a quick test of the vehicle can help. You can start to get a feel for the vehicle as soon as you leave with it, giving you more confidence when you put it to use for whatever the intended purpose is.
With regards to height and width, you will need to be extra careful that the vehicle you hire can fit where required. Get the dimensions before you set off and stop to check if you’re unsure!

5. Returning The Van

A crucial detail of your hire is the return of the vehicle. You need to check ahead in this regard, ask when it needs to be back, where it can be dropped off and any other details which might help prevent you incurring costs. Most companies ask for you to bring the vehicle back in the condition it left in, as well as ensuring the fuel is topped up for the next user.


At Whitgift we have a range of light commercial vehicles available for hire. If you’d like to discuss your individual requirements with a member of our team, or if you’d like to get a quote for van hire, simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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