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Whitgift Hire – Proud Members of BVRLA!

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team


All industries benefit from the work of trade bodies set up to promote good practice and lobby on behalf of its members, and the vehicle rental world is no different. The main organisation operating in this field is the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), and Whitgift Hire are proud to be fully fledged members.

The BVRLA was established in 1967, and was formed with the aim of becoming the main association for all companies across the nation involved in renting and leasing vehicles of all kinds. As well as supplying its 600+ members with expert industry and legislative advice, the BVRLA campaigns on behalf of all vehicle rental companies on relevant issues. Lobbying both the UK and EU governments on all regulations that affect the industry, ensuring competition is kept healthy and no injustices are done to the operations of its members, the organisation also has a hand in dictating changes to road taxation and transportation legislation.

With an estimated 38,000 people involved directly in the vehicle rental and leasing industry in the UK, organisations like the BVRLA have become vital – particularly when you consider that the industry is worth around £14.3bn to the economy each year.

Being part of the BVRLA has a number of advantages for vehicle rental companies on top of those already mentioned. Having the association’s stamp of approval means that the company has been through rigorous testing that’s carried out each year, ensuring quality of service and that their practices are in line with regulations. This is obviously appealing to potential customers that are thinking of using the company’s services.

BVRLA membership also gives companies access to a wide range of products and industry events across the country, discussing changes to relevant laws or new ideas for vehicle renting practices, and even offers driver licence checks on behalf of its members to ensure that renters are permitted to hire cars or vans requiring specific licence additions.

Companies of all sizes are invited to become part of the BVRLA, and all are available to view in our company directory, offering customers the chance to check that the vehicle hire company they have in mind are approved by the organisation. There is even a newsletter released every two months, available to view online and in physical format, so that people both inside and outside of the industry can stay abreast of any important changes to legislation or information about past or future events and conferences related to the world of vehicle rental and leasing.

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