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Why Should I Hire a Car?

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team


A car provides the ultimate freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, without having to rely on public transport, but the costs of owning a car can put a lot of people off. In this month’s article, we’ll be showing you why exactly you should think about hiring a car instead, so you too can enjoy the freedom of driving at a fraction of the cost!

Motoring on a budget

Year on year, the average cost of motoring is getting more and more expensive, and the amount of people who own their own car, particularly in the capital, is decreasing just as quickly as these expenses increase. However, hiring a car enables you to avoid incurring such steep costs and get back to the important business of enjoying your drive. If you hire a car for your holiday road trip down to Land’s End, you’ll even have a little left over from the money you save to splash out big on a nice place in Newquay!

The latest models

Every year a new model comes out, and if you own your car then you’ll likely not be able to drive the new model until your current car needs replacing. Hiring a car, on the other hand, means you can drive all the latest models. Additionally, you will be able to rest assured that the car is in top form too, both in terms of the engine and the cleanliness of the vehicle.

Emissions & carbon footprint

Owning a car directly increases the extent of the carbon footprint you leave on the planet; if you own a car you will drive more often and therefore burn more fuel, pumping more harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Using public transport, cycling or walking to work in everyday life eliminates this impact, but when it comes to travelling further afield, like on holiday or on a business trip, it works in both your wallet’s and the environment’s favour for you to hire a car.

A thorough test drive

If you are in a position where you’re thinking about buying a car but are unsure about what car to go for, the sleek hatchback or the cumbersome yet safe 4×4, we recommend that you hire one for the weekend and see how you feel after having the two out on the road. You could even make the weekend-long test drive a holiday event down to Brighton Pier, giving you a better idea of what the vehicle is like out on the open road as opposed to cooped up in the city.

But these reasons for hiring a car are just some of many. Other times, for instance, you could find that hiring a car is the only way to get the whole family comfortably seated for a trip to the airport, or if you’re visiting the grandparents and your tiny mini or sports car neither has the legroom or is high enough off the ground for their achy joints – the reasons are endless! Nevertheless, with a hired car you’ll know you’ll come out on top.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Whitgift Hire are second-to-none when it comes to van, car, and lorry hire throughout London and the South East of England. We have a fleet of over 400 well-maintained vehicles available for hire that cater to any requirement you may have across commercial and domestic fields.

We are fully certified and accredited and offer a comprehensive breakdown cover for hires to ensure that when you hire from us you’re always in the safest hands. To discuss hiring a vehicle from Whitgift Hire, contact our friendly team today!

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